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Tailored for Excellence: Harness the power of bespoke AI trained on your unique data, optimizing your customer service teams, streamlining knowledge retrieval & enterprise search, and accelerating admin & marketing tasks.

Elevate efficiency across the board.

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Customized Customer Service AI Assistant

Help your team resolve tickets faster while reducing costs, resulting in happier agents and satisfied customers.

Optimized Enterprise Search and Knowledge Base Assistant

Immediately answer complex questions and unlock instant access to vital enterprise data without requiring your employees to dig through your knowledge base or thousands of PDFs.

Personalized Admin &
Marketing Assistant

Supercharge your admin and marketing teams with the power of Chat GPT trained on your company's data.

Enable AI Across Your Org

Rapidly helps your team be more efficient at accessing internal company knowledge, marketing tasks, and at servicing customers.

Why choose RapidlyAI?

Clients using Rapidly report a 50-100% increase in organizational efficiency through streamlined support, rapid knowledge access, and strategic admin enhancements.

Automatically resolve up to
75% of tickets

Provided instant, personalized answers to customers using AI to provide solutions, not just answers.

Increased productivity by

Instant access to company data drove a 50% boost in employee productivity within 1 month of launch across functional areas (legal, product, finance, support, admin, marketing)

Improved NPS and
eNPS metrics

Satisfied customers and happier employees thanks to decreased response times and increased productivity.

Driving industry-leading
results for
top companies

Rapidly has been an amazing tool from day one for both our marketing and our support teams. We were able to increase productivity for marketing tasks and reduce response times by more than 50% within a week of implementation. Our team loves the tool and couldn’t imagine working without it. Rapidly’s development team was also very engaged and helpful through the onboarding process.


Jayce Wood, VP, Customer Service

With Rapidly, we’ve been able to automate routine requests, leaving our team free to deal with more complex issues and special projects. All of this with no coding knowledge in-house in one single tool that required less than a week for even new hires to utilize. Now we have a much more consistent and reliable CX process – making both our customers and in-house team much happier!

Wear Graphene

David Ingersoll, COO

Since we integrated Rapidly, we’ve seen an incredible increase in overall CSAT and agent output. We’ve been able to utilize Rapidly for the overwhelming majority of L1 tickets and have freed up our team’s capacity to deal with more challenging or higher priority tickets or customers.

PIQO Projector

Bobbi Taman, Customer Service Lead

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Increase productivity across your entire
organization with Rapidly!

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